JustKaraoke 2.0

JustKaraokeTM 2.0 is a complete digital performance solution for the serious sing-along host. From the creator of the MP3+G format, everything you need and nothing you don’t, to run a smooth, sensational karaoke show. Combine with TriceraSoft’s download or streaming services to provide the hottest content for your singers.

A straight forward no non-sense karaoke control solution. Go digital easily and in confidence with this inexpensive yet professional and simple to use solution. Announce the singer, play the song, clap, and proceed through the rotation. Need to recall the singer from last week? No Problem! Bring up the history and drop in a song, it even remembers the key and multiplex option you used for that singer. Need songs? Stream over 10,000+ songs with a subscription or download and play offline over 70,000+ karaoke songs**.

Download your trial today and trial run this simple to use product. Trial Mode allows for 10 songs to be played full length. Webpage Help Guide provided with program.

NOTE: The license for the use of the program does NOT include the streaming and downloads. Also, buying a subscription does NOT purchase a license for use of the player. Be sure to understand and distinguish between the two. The trial is ONLY for demonstration of the operation of the main player (not the subscription or downloads), DO NOT activate a subscription or purchase songs until you have fully reviewed the trial and purchased the license for the program.

Activation of this product is provided by email. Click the purchase now button on the right to purchase.

**Additional Charges Apply

Download 32-bit PCDownload 64-bit PCDownload MAC (OSX Mavericks)


System Minimum Requirements (PC):

• Pentium 1.8 Ghz or Higher
• Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
• 128 MB System RAM
• 64 MB Video Card
• Soundcard
• 5 MB Hard-Drive Space

System Minimum Requirements (MAC):

• OS X Mavericks
• OpenGL Video Card
• Soundcard
• 2 MB Hard-Drive Space

JustKaraoke 2.0 Feature List:

• Singer Rotation
• Singer Announcement
• Singer History
• Song Manager (for Download and Streaming)
• Ambient Music List (w/ Auto Management)
• Request Tool Server (for use with *Super Remote Request Tool)
• Resizable Interface
• Customize Announce Singer
• Customize and Select Logos and Backgrounds
• Auto Gain Control (live normalize and compress)
• Single Player with Preview Screen
• Two Output Screen Support
• Key Control in Semi-Tones (Half-Keys)
• Multiplex Options
• Easy Search and Database Lookup
• Quick Sound Effects
• Hot Keys
• Venue Filter Management
• Next Singer Ticker
• Keep Playing continuous mode
• Auto play with Countdown (Next Start Timer)
• Auto Recovery List (Recovers from a Power Failure)

JustKaraoke Mac Difference:

• Request Kiosk is built-in to the interface
• ** JustKaraoke Mac does NOT include streaming
• ** JustKaraoke Mac is noted as version 1.0, WHY?, because it is the first version on the Mac. Why did we not call it 2.0 as the PC version, eventhough it has the same features, BECAUSE IT IS THE FIRST ON THE MAC! So before you ask us why is there is no 2.0 or you want an upgrade, read this note first and understand that the license you purchase is either for the 2.0 PC version or the 1.0 Mac version.

Stream or Download Karaoke Songs**

• Download from over 70,000+ songs
• Stream from over 10,000+ songs
• Song Downloads price from $1.79 to $2.49
• Streaming for $34.99 per month, VENUE, Enthusiast or Home Use

**Additional Charges Apply (additional service)

Download 32-bit PC Download 64-bit PC Download MAC (OSX Mavericks)Purchase