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JustKaraoke 2.0

JustKaraoke 2.0

Simply the easiest karaoke hosting tool to use on the market. Includes *Download and *Streaming Stores. Over 80,000 Downloads and over 50,000 Streams. *Additional Paid Services: learn more…

Custom CD+G Discs

Custom CD+G Discs

Looking to create a Custom CD+G Disc? Use the Custom CD+G Disc service to make selections and receive delivery of your own custom disc. Click Here

Karaoke Download Galore!

Over 80,000 MP3+G Songs

New Releases and Old Classics one click away. Licensed for the KJ and Karaoke Enthusiast, the only World Wide licensed karaoke catalog KaraokeDownloads.CA: Click Here

Karaoke Products
Karaoke hosting software and utilities. The JustKaraoke 2.0 Hosting Software is your digital solution. Complement JustKaraoke with a Song Book Creator and a Request Kiosk system.
Presentation and Automation
Advanced products that combine multimedia, presentation and automation. For advanced users requiring automated solutions.
Karaoke Services
MP3+G Downloads, Video Downloads, Sing Along, Custom CD+G Discs, and more (Roku, Facebook, Boxee, iTunes, and Windows 8 apps).
Other Utilities
Additional utilities useful for data formatting and management. Includes CDG Ripper 2.0.

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