Mbryo is a stand-alone CD+G file creator. Designed for home karaoke enthusiasts.
Select your audio (MP3 or WAV), type the lyrics, synchronize them to the audio, set the options, then produce your CDG or BIN file. The CDG file can be played with our software and the BIN can be burned with standard burner software like CDRWin to make a track playable on your CD+G machine. Mbryo can also import lyrics from most popular karaoke formats such as MIDI, MP3 Tags, WinOKE, Dart, Blue Labelle and others. Lyrics can be displayed with any font, colour, placement, and size.
  • Creates CDG (for MP3+G® )
  • Creates BIN files for writing to CD+G disc
  • Imports popular Karaoke formats including MIDI
  • Displays Karaoke in a fully scalable window
  • Supports common audio files MP3, WMA, WAV, etc
  • Lets you type lyrics while playing the song
  • Easy synchronization
  • Quick synchronization Test
  • Lyrics are accurate to the millisecond
  • Graphical Timeline editor to adjust individual events.
  • Adjustable 1 to 64X Zoom
  • Follow playback mode lets you edit or watch events
  • Audio looping in zoomed area lets you finetune events
  • Selectable number of display lines
  • Selectable Fonts
  • Outline, Shadow, Highlight colour selection
  • Conversion of MP3 to WAV
  • Duet Lyric


Supported Formats:

Audio Playback:
- MPEG Audio: MP2, MP3, MPA
- Windows Media: WMA, ASF
- Waveform Audio: WAV, AIF, AIFC, AIFF

Karaoke Import:
- Plain text: TXT (no sync)
- Lyrics3 Text: LRC
- MP3 with Lyrics3: V1 and V2 data
- MP3 with Blue Labelle: data inside Lyrics3V2
- Blue Labelle: KOK
- Dart Karaoke Author: DKA
- Video Karaoke Player text: VKT
- SJGPlay/Mimic text: LYR


System Requirements:

- Windows 98/SE/ME/XP
- Pentium II/500MHz+
- Minimum 64MB RAM
- Accelerated Video card
- Windows Media Player
- IE 4+
- DirectX 7+

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