MP3+G® Downloads and Custom Discs

How to Start:
1.Create an Account
2. Add Credits
3. Search & Select Songs
4. Claim Songs
5. Download Songs

The account is free to open and is used to track your credit balance. You only have to create the account once.

Refund Policy:
NO REFUNDS on orders. Discs are NOT returnable. Customer must understand this is a CD+G or DVD Disc. If you are looking for MP3+G Downloads you MUST use the Downloads Delivery, they are NOT interchangeable. Shipping may vary and be affected by natural delays and weather. Not liable for shipping service delays especially to international locations affected by customs and border delays. Shipments are created next business day and may take 1 to 2 weeks delivery. - Help and About:

Welcome to SelectKaraoke, a karaoke download website which supplies MP3+G® formatted karaoke from well-known karaoke manufacturers. Custom CDG and DVD disc functions have been added for delivery methods (please read further below for details). If you were trying to visit SELECTATRACK, you may have been auto-diverted here due to their licensing restrictions in your territory. The SelectKaraoke website is brand new and totally separate to SELECTATRACK, so existing customers will need to register details again. Any questions regarding SELECTATRACK, such as order history, etc should contact them directly at Any purchase made on the SelectKaraoke website is a transaction made directly with Tricerasoft and bound by Tricerasoft terms & conditions, click here for more info. Below are details on using the SelectKaraoke Account system.

Why do we use Credits:


Why do we use a credit? Because a credit changes in price and is not a song until you claim your selection. How does the price change? The more credits you purchase the lower the price, therefore it is called a credit. You can also think of a credit as a song you purchase ahead without picking it yet and the more ahead songs you purchase the less they cost.

What is the difference between Credits and Direct Payment:

Answer: In short ALOT!

Why Credits:

  • You get better offers and discounts on volume
  • There are no minimums on claiming items by download
  • You always get a discount and you control what you want
  • Album discounts
  • Immediate claim
  • Payments are only required for special packs
  • You earn TriceraREWARDS.
  • You don't need to pull out the credit card everytime you claim one song

How much do credits cost:

Depending on the amount of credits you purchase, the price will vary per credit unit - this is the list of prices per credit pack:

  • 1 Credit Pack - $3.00
  • 2 Credit Pack - $5.00 (@$2.50)
  • 5 Credit Pack - $10.00 (@$2.00)
  • 10 Credit Pack - $18.00 (@$1.80)
  • 25 Credit Pack - $40.00 (@$1.60)
  • 50 Credit Pack - $72.50 (@$1.45 - best value pack)
  • 75 Credit Pack - $105 (@$1.40)
  • 200 Credit Pack - $280.00 (@$1.40)
Credit Packs can be accumulated on balance, add as many as you require in any combination.

How to create an account:

Click the "Create" link and fill-in the details. Click Create Account and you will now have a ready account. The "TC" code is your account code and the password is the one you provided.

Only one account is required, make sure to only open ONE account and if you lose your details please be sure to contact us to retrieve the information.

How to add credits:

Login to your account. Click Add Credits and pick a Credit Pack and Payment method (left is credit card, right is Paypal).

How to claim a Gift Pack Voucher:

Login to your account. Click Add Credits. Copy and Paste the Gift Pack code into the Gift Pack Code field and click "Claim Gift Pack".

How to "Claim" and download songs:

Login to your account. Select and search for songs. Add them to your Cart with the small Cart button. Click Claim, review your Cart and click Complete Claim and Yes to finish. If you have enough credits, the items with the Green Checkmark are claimed, an email is also sent to you with those items. If you run out of credits, the items will list in Red with an X mark. To download the songs, click the "Download Now" buttons. To refill the Cart with the unclaimed items, click the "Return to Karaoke Downloads" link at the bottom.

NOTE: The Claim button will not appear until you have credits in the account. The button will appear as Credits+ which will take you to the Add Credits screen.

How to purchase a Gift Pack Voucher:

Click "Gift Pack Voucher" link. Decide on a method of payment, Paypal or Credit Card and select the Gift Pack size of your choice. Complete the payment details and it will return with a brief summary. It will also email the Gift Pack to the Gift email if you chose to fill-in those details.

What are Albums?

Albums are grouped songs offered at equal or lower credit value. Switch to the Show Albums view and review the track listings. The price of the entire album is shown above. If you choose to claim the entire album then you will only pay the amount shown. If however you choose to add the tracks separately, you will claim per track. If you intend to claim the entire Album, you MUST use the Claim Album button (visible when you login).

How to review purchased songs:

Login to your account. Click the "My Songs" link and review the list of songs.

What methods of payment do you accept?

With the Credit Card option we accept Visa and Mastercard. To accept international cards, cards restricted only for the USA, American Express, Discover, Wire Transfer, eCheck, etc. we also accept Paypal. For users who do not have a Paypal account but want to use these cards, you do NOT require one - simply select the "Pay by Credit or Debit" option when the Paypal form appears.

How to play MP3+G® Songs:

If you have your own MP3+G® player, these are standard MP3+G® provided in a ZIP. If you are looking for a player, look at our FREE player, refer here:

Free Player Download

CD+G Disc and DVD Video Disc ordering function (Delivery Methods):

What is a CD+G Disc:

A CD+G Disc is a CD+G formatted audio and graphics disc that only plays on a CD+G Karaoke Player.

What is a DVD Video Disc:

A regular DVD video formatted disc that can only be played from a DVD player device (can also be a karaoke DVD player) or DVD playing software from a computer with a DVD-ROM.

Where do you find this feature:

The feature is found on checkout of the shopping cart and can be selected by clicking either the CD+G Disc or DVD delivery method above the cart. Both the CD+G and DVD options requires the filling of the shipping address. does not retain this information and is NOT saved on account therefore must be supplied. Correct shipping address is critical, please make sure it is correct before complete the disc.

How much does it cost:

Both disc options are 8 credits for shipping and every track is the usual 1 credit per song.

How does it apply to your current account:

If you currently hold a credit balance then it can be used to claim a disc. No prior orders can be converted, all specific delivery methods remain AS IS when ordered. You can order a mix of Downloads, CD+G, and DVD but they are kept separate. The history page will only list a remark with the disc type (for CD+G the number of discs), size, and total credits garnered.

How to use this feature:

For each feature function, there are limits of tracks/songs that must be selected and your credits must be enough to fulfill the requirement. CD+G Discs are comprised of 3 minimum tracks and maximum 15 tracks each. On each order you can not exceed 5 CD+G discs. DVD Video discs are comprised of 3 minimum tracks and maximum 30 tracks, but only one disc per order. Seek out the songs you wish to add to the cart, add them with the small cart symbol, review the cart and change to the desired delivery method, claim when ready.

IMPORTANT: the order in which items are added to the cart are the order that will be written to the disc.

How long does it take:

Immediately after claiming, the disc is processed in a queue, this queue is processed within minutes of submission and burning begins. Shipping is created same day unless a weekend.

IMPORTANT: Once a claim is submitted, it can not be changed, stopped, or returned. If a disc is found defective on arrival, we ask that you tell us immediately and exchange is allowed but must be done using regular mail and you will be provided instructions (NO EXPRESS OR COD!).


Q: I created an account but can't find my information
A: Contact us for the information, provide your email and name you opened the account with

Q: I claimed a few songs and now when I login I do not see my credits, where are they?
A: You created multiple accounts and you are logged in to the wrong account. Signout, enter the details of the correct account, login. Contact us if you forgot or lost your details.

Q: I purchased a Gift Pack Voucher and I don't see my credits
A: The Gift Pack Voucher is used to send others credits and then claimed into their account. If you purchased one for yourself and didn't realize you can use a Credit Pack, then claim it back into your account using "Claim Gift Pack".

Q: I downloaded a song and it did not complete the download or it does not play
A: If your download was interrupted, you will have to clear the "Temporary Internet Files" before downloading again or the browser will keep giving you the corrupt copy. Then click the link again to save the file.

Q: I purchased a french song with accents and my player doesn't want to play it
A: You need to make sure that your player supports foreign languages if you are going to purchase songs with a foreign name. You can either use our player which supports all the languages we supply or take off the accents manually for your player.