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Important!: Not all of the CDs listed here are CD+Gs, for instance CDs ordered through a record club and also some later re-issues of CDs (eg. Lou Reed's "New York" and Talking Heads' "Naked").

Generally there'll be a sticker on the CD saying that it's a CD+G. If you're dealing with used CDs then there'll probably be a "CD+G" label on the CD's hub, an additional "G" after the catalogue number, or a label "CD+Graphics" on the title side of the disc.


(+) - See below for long descriptions of this CD+G
(*) - Most CDs of this title are not actually CD+G format. (see above for identifying those that are)
(p) - Disk is available as a promotional only (not for resale)

Artist Title Code
Alphaville "The Breathtaking Blue" Atl 81943 (+)
Anita Baker "Rapture" - (*)
Laura Brannigan "Laura Brannigan" Atl 19289
Crosby, Stills & Nash "Live It Up" Atl 82107 (*)(+)
Devo "Total Devo" -
Firesign Theatre "Eat Or Be Eaten" -
Ella Fitzgerald "Ella/Things Ain't What..." -
Flamin' Groovies "Groovies Greatest Grooves" WB 25948
Fleetwood Mac "Behind The Mask" WB 26111 (+)
Frozen Ghost "Nice Place To Visit" Atl 81875 (*)
Emmylou Harris "Pieces In The Sky" -
Jimi Hendrix "Smash Hits" WB 2276 (+)
Honeymoon Suite "Racing After Midnight" WB 25652 (*)
Information Society "Information Society" WB 25691 (+)
Chris Isaak "Silvertone" WB 25156 (+)
Little Feat "Hoy Hoy" WB 3538
Little Feat "Representing The Mambo" WB 26163
Van Dyke Parks "Tokyo Rose" WB 25968
Gram Parsons "GP/Grievious Angel" WB 26108
Bonnie Raiit "Green Light" WB 3630
Bonnie Raiit "Nine Lives" WB 25486
Lou Reed "New York" WB 25829 (+)
Simply Red "Picture Book" Ele 60452 (*)
Phoebe Snow "Something Real" - (*)
Donna Summer "Another Place And Time" - (*)
Talking Heads "Naked" WB 25654 (*)(+)
10,000 Maniacs "Blind Man's Zoo" Ele 60815 (*)
Various "CD+G: A New Dimension" WNM PRO-15027 (p)(+)
Various "The Home Video Album" RCA 60354-2-RC (+)
Various "Tribute to Woodie Guthrie" WB 26036 (+)

Artist Title Code
J. S. Bach "St. Matthew Passion" WNM 15010
Beethoven "String Quartet No. 14" WNM 15011
Beethoven "Symphony No. 7" WNM 15008
Beethoven/Liszt "Symphony No. 9" WNM 15009
Hector Berlioz "Symphonie Fantastique" WNM 15015
Anton Bruckner "Symphony No. 9" WNM 15004
Placido Domingo "Belcanto Domingo" WNM 15014
Gustav Holst "The Planets" WNM 15001
Gustav Mahler "Symphony No. 5" WNM 15007
Felix Mendelssohn "Symphony No. 2" WNM 15029
Felix Mendelssohn "Symphony No. 3" WNM 15003
Felix Mendelssohn "Symphony No. 4" WNM 15013
Mozart "Abduction from the Seraglio" WNM 15016
Mozart "Magic Flute Highlights" WNM 15012
(+) Sergei Prokofiev "Peter And The Wolf" WNM 15028
Henry Purcell "Dido and Aeneas" WNM 15005

Select Descriptions
Alphaville "The Breathtaking Blue" Atl 81943 A series of black and white photographs are panned and scanned while the lyrics (1 - English, 2 - French) are constantly displayed below the pictures.

Crosby, Stills & Nash "Live It Up" (*) Atl 82107 Various pictures, relating to songs (well, looks like the folks who did this CD+G never actually listened to the lyrics of the song "Live It Up"). One of the best done and nicest looking CD+Gs around - if you can find it.

Fleetwood Mac "Behind The Mask" WB 26111 A series of band and related pictures are shown, along with lyrical accompaniment.

Jimi Hendrix "Smash Hits" WB 2276 Bizarre, psychedelic CD+G as large pictures (which are collages of both computer art and real photos) are panned. Through the entire CD+G, the brightest palettes are continually being shifted, giving a non-stop strobe effect.

Information Society "Information Society" WB 25691 Miscellaneous pictures (both real and computer art) are displayed, while the lyrics are constantly updated at the bottom of the screen. One of the nicest CD+Gs available with regard to lack of repetitiveness (except lots of the computer pictures are cut and pasted throughout the CD+G).

Chris Isaak "Silvertone" WB 25156 A variety of different Chris Isaak pictures are shown, and sometimes, even a pic or two relating to a song. Golly!

Lou Reed "New York" WB 25829 Various black and white pictures are interspersed with the lyrics (available in English, Spanish, French and Italian).

Talking Heads "Naked" (*) WB 25654 Each track is displayed showing what instruments are being used for what part of each song, along with this are 2 lyric windows, one has 4 to 5 lines in it, while the other (constantly being updated) shows the lyrics along with the guitar chords so that you can strum along at home.

Various "CD+G: A New Dimension" (p) WNM PRO-15027 Various artists from other CD+Gs are on this sampler (including Jimi Hendrix, Bonnie Raitt, Chris Isaak, Arlo Guthrie and a few tracks from the classical CD+Gs). Essentially an advertising tool telling you about other Warner New Media CD+Gs.

Various "The Home Video Album" RCA 60354-2-RC This CD has a bunch of fanfares and things for you to use as intros or incidentals on your own hove videos. I guess that makes it sort of a buy-out CD, except that you can't use it for commercial stuff. Anyway, there are graphics on here. Based on the line-drawings included, the pictures aren't overwhelming in quality... still, this is supposed to be all in fun. Oh, and there was a coupon in my unit for popcorn! :)

Various "Tribute to Woodie Guthrie" WB 26036 As each songs begins, photos from the 1930s and 1940s are shown to accompany Guthrie's songs about the Great Depression, WWII, and other events of the time. Artists include Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie, Richie Havens, Odetta, Tom Paxton and Pete Seger.

Sergei Prokofiev "Peter And The Wolf" WNM 15028 2 tracks - the first is an illustrated version of Peter And The Wolf, as read by Sir John Geilgud. The second track (which I believe has almost identical audio) is the annotated version, that is the audio track is accompanied by commentary about which instrument is being used and it's significance in the story. The music is performed by the Academy of London (Richard Stamp conduction).

The information for this CD+G list was originally by bt@cpac.washington.edu and is now maintained by dan@blender.demon.co.uk

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